Prompt #218 – Cards

As technology improves, so do pop-up cards. Now people can customize them and make them do things ranging from revealing a tiny present to exploding in the unfortunate receiver’s face. As a prankster, you happily abuse this function.


Prompt #217 – Geode

On your birthday, you receive a strange package with no return address on it. You cautiously open it, thinking it’s a well-meaning prank, only to discover a rock with “open me” scrawled on an attached label. Do you open it?

Prompt #216 – Cells

Every individual living organism on Earth is actually a cell that helps make up the massive organism that is the planet. With the most problematic type of cell, humans, destroying many of the other cells either accidentally or intentionally, the planet begins to die.

Prompt #212 – Passage

“It is unknown what the cause of these noises are, even after days of my own investigation. Perhaps it really was the sound of the ship, as my nanny said. It does not matter anyways, as I have been forbidden from leaving the sight of my mother, my nanny, or one of the crew members.”

-excerpt from a little girl’s diary found on the floor of an abandoned ship