Prompt #211 – Dog

For as long as anyone can remember, dogs have been one of man’s best friends. However, the dogs themselves don’t think this is the case. After centuries of preparation, the dogs are ready to make man their pet.


Prompt #209 – Peckish

Your pet monster has a rather peculiar taste when it comes to food. Whenever it’s hungry, you usually have to go on pretty bizarre errands to get even a single treat. This year, you want your monster to experience the joys of Thanksgiving with you.

Prompt #208 – Purpose

Every video game character in existence has been programmed with a role in mind. For example, a village NPC might tell the player about an upcoming danger, and will only do that for the rest of their existence. However, a bored programmer created an NPC with no real purpose in mind just for the fun of it, and published the game with this NPC online. The NPC slowly becomes self-aware over time.

Prompt #207 – Real World

As a long-time writer, you’ve told many stories, most of which contain tragedy. As a result of your love of pain, you’ve killed off many a character. One night, in your sleep, the victims of your ruthlessness crawl out of their pages, hungered for vengeance.

Prompt #206 – Road Rage

The Horrorbike is an infamous motorcycle that seems to be driven by ghosts. It is known to wreak havoc on the road, causing more than a few motor accidents. Witnesses to the bike have claimed they saw the figure of a little cheerful-looking girl in an oversized helmet on the seat.