Prompt #234 – A Whole New World

When people sleep, they awake in an alternate dream dimension entirely of their mind’s creation. What does your dream world look like?


Prompt #195 – Sugar & Spice

During the day you work at the office; during the night, a rather extreme scientist. You’ve just created your latest concoction and decide to test it out on the neighborhood kids by injecting your Halloween candy with it.

Prompt #60 – Skydiving

The wind is roaring in your ears. You can see the entire countryside from this height; from the sparse buildings in the distance to the field that is currently rushing up at you. You open your parachute and almost lose your breath as the parachute is released and abruptly catches the air, pulling you back from your rapid descent.

Prompt #59 – Heights

You find yourself standing on the edge of a skyscraper, toes poking out over the distant, minuscule cars passing by below. “Well?” a voice sighs impatiently behind you. “Don’t keep me waiting.”

You have no idea how you got there. You gulp.