Prompt #188 – Lion

“The beast looked like the fearsome lion; it had the hunger, the strength, the roar of one. And yet all those who laid eyes upon it knew it was nothing like the lion.”


Prompt #183 – Inbox

While cleaning out your email folders, you notice you have a saved draft that only has a single letter in the subject and nothing else. When you open it, there is only half of an email address typed. You don’t recognize this address whatsoever and have no memory of making this draft.

Prompt #182 – Pumpkin Spice

There’s a story that goes around every October in a small little village that pumpkin spice has its origins in the flesh and blood of a strange species of monster. One day, a hunter killed one of these creatures and discovered its unique flavor, and shared it with the rest of the world in the form of spice.

Prompt #181 – Clouds

When one breathes, their current thoughts and feelings are expelled in the form of invisible mist and float up into the sky and into the clouds where they gather and form their own clouds of human emotions. Tiny creatures that live in these clouds often like to peek into the thoughts as a pastime. As a result, these creatures can see literally everything that goes on in the world.